Based on a live recorded song, written and composed by Ronley Teper, «Lucky and Finnegan» is a surreal short animated film narrating an adventure of mystical creatures racing toward a new world of self-discovery within a shamanic experience. A colourful vision of a surreal voyage through enchanted forests, gloomy hunted houses, monstrous magical towers, giant walking volcanoes and vertiginous space-time warps.

Considering the song was truly well composed and inspiring, this was a rewarding project to pursue and although the indie budget invested, I dedicated six long months on its creation with constant creative dedication using a very slow and frustrating imac computer. I took the chance to experiment with hand made illustrations and low frame rate vintage-style classic animation.
The carrying subject is a horse race between Lucky and Finnegan, two horses upon which a drunk man bade all his savings before his ultimate collapse, and the whole narrative flows mechanically as a shamanic flux of unconsciousness, or James Joyce’s Ulysses style; a chain reaction of causes and consequences which represents the random circumstances of life when we take our challenges to pursue goals in life. During the exploration of the constant zoom final scene, I placed the Ayahuasca plant as carrier of unconscious exploration to know the deepest self. Most creatures are characters I drawn from my dream diary.